Within only 20 days, Militzer & Münch’s Asia specialists transported power generation equipment, a total weight of almost one hundred tons, from the extreme northeast of China to Tashkent.

Almost 4,500 kilometers lie between Anshan in China and Tashkent in Uzbekistan – as the crow flies. Between May and June 2023, Militzer & Münch covered this distance in the context of a special order: A large number of wooden crates containing transformers, switch cabinets, and other power engineering components had to be picked up from the consignor’s plant in Anshan and delivered to the consignee in Tashkent, a regular customer of M&M Uzbekistan. The journey involved crossing China, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. This meant two entry procedures – one for Kyrgyzstan and one for Uzbekistan, as well as several days of demurrage for the trucks in Yalama at the border to Uzbekistan. Six trucks carried out the impressive transport in just twenty days.

In total, the cargo weighed 97 tons; its value amounted to 1.2 million US dollars. “It was a challenge,” says Dino Wang, branch manager in Urumqi, China. “At the shipper’s request, the cargo had to be declared as one unit, which meant we had to completely reload the goods into six customs-monitored trucks before we were able to prepare and file the customs declaration.” In Osh, Kyrgyzstan, the cargo was transloaded onto Uzbek trucks. The valuable cargo was insured by the shipper; an escort for the convoy was not required.

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