Without barriers

Over long distances...

… we transport your heavy lift and hazardous goods safely through Europe, Asia and North Africa – whether by vessel, airplane, truck or train, across the Atlas Mountains or through subtropical climate zones. In project logistics, nothing is too big, too wide or too heavy for us. With regional and international expertise, our employees prepare all the relevant documents, take care of insurances and obtain special permits. We plan heavy lift transports & police escorts, and provide the support of our dangerous goods officer at your request. Our teams are experts in transportation and logistics; they will find the perfect combination of road and rail network, inland waterway, deep sea and airspace for you. Let us start working together with detailed planning and personal advice. We guarantee absolute reliability, on-schedule delivery and, of course, always the highest standards of safety and security.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Customized all-in-one transport solutions

  • Route control & assembly supervision

  • Transport engineering

  • Door-to-door projects

  • Storage & export packing

  • Logistics project management

  • Customs clearance & documentation

  • Handling & transport of heavy lift / out-of-gauge freight

  • Web-based shipment tracking

from a to z

Organized logistics management

We understand logistics management to mean the organization of a global, multimodal supply chain – starting with the drafting of contracts in conformity with the applicable national legislation, through the selection of an optimal transport route, taking into account the best possible customs clearance location, to warehousing solutions and distribution at destination.

This also applies to complex projects such as the transport of heavy lift and out-of-gauge machinery and components or the relocation of entire factories. We increase the efficiency of your supply chain by assuming control of complex logistics tasks, while managing internal and external interfaces.

Right from the start, Militzer & Münch offers you in-depth advice on the optimal import and export procedure. We also support you with all the necessary documentation, and provide the appropriate insurance service. To ensure individual project logistics, we combine different modes of transport.

With 160,000 square meters of space, our logistics and transshipment centers offer sufficient storage space for your goods. Via our Warehouse Management System, we optimize the use of all warehouse resources and ensure end-to-end transparency and security.

Safe handling

Hazardous goods transports

Thanks to our decades of experience and special know-how, we are perfectly familiar with complex hazardous goods transports. From preparing and obtaining the necessary documents or special permits, to coordinating the hazardous goods transport, to professional and safe loading.

Militzer & Münch is your reliable partner for the transport of hazardous materials, and our own hazardous goods officers are at your side. Of course, we will also support you with the storage and order picking of hazardous goods.

Easy handling

Heavy lift transports

With us, your heavy lift transports are in strong hands. Militzer & Münch finds the suitable route for you. From production site by sea, on by rail, and finally by truck to your destination –  no problem. We have all transport modes at our disposal, and we combine different means of transport – in line with the highest safety standards. Even under extreme conditions, such as in the Tajik highlands, Militzer & Münch gets your heavy lift shipments to their destination safely and on time.

Before we dispatch your goods, we take care of the necessary permits – across borders. We also arrange for road closures and escort vehicles. Our local experts ensure the smooth customs clearance of your heavy lift shipments.

Diligent handling

Special transports

For special transports, precise planning and fine-tuning are particularly important – from the selection of the route to the appropriate transport mode to the safe packaging of out-of-gauge goods. The Militzer & Münch experts organize complex transports across national borders – including individual solutions, tailor-made to fit your goods.

Intelligent handling

Project management

Militzer & Münch supports its customers’ investment projects and the development of the corresponding project structures right from the start. We offer in-depth advice on optimal import procedures and find the correct answer to all questions regarding customs and tax legislation. In the course of the project, the focus is on establishing professional supplier management and a reliable supply chain while minimizing the interfaces in project logistics. In the process, our country units work closely together and develop individual logistics solutions.

With our Warehouse Management System, we optimize the utilization of your warehouse resources. A reliable tracking system provides you with information about the location and arrival time of your deliveries at any time.

Militzer & Münch combines the various modes of transport for an optimal all-in-one solution. We also organize the necessary permits and the appropriate insurance service for you.