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On schedule to any corner of the globe, no matter how remote: As an official IATA agent, we have built up a global transport network of our own air freight offices and exclusive partner agencies. We thus connect all five continents and send your goods around the globe. Our transport and logistics expertise has matured over decades, complex projects are our daily business.
Air freight

Fast and safe around the world

Militzer & Münch gets your goods to their destination worldwide in a fast, safe, and cost-efficient way.

For air transport, Militzer & Münch relies on a worldwide network of its own air freight offices and exclusive partner agencies. Complex hazardous goods transports, express and courier services, as well as the end-to-end handling of particularly urgent shipments are part of our core competence in air freight.

Our membership in the air freight cooperation FUTURE grants us a strong position in negotiating air freight capacities. As an authorized economic operator (AEO), we also meet the strict security standards of the EU as well as the requirements of C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) in the exchange of goods with the USA. With our direct shipments, airfreight groupage and charter services, we connect you directly with your procurement and sales markets around the world, and speed up your supply chain.

Simple & flexible

Charter transports

Where standard air freight solutions are inadequate, Militzer & Münch’s charter transports come into play. We plan every detail of your charter transport, including customs management. With reliable airlines, we offer you full or partial charter services. Our staff will prepare an offer tailored to your needs. For difficult-to-reach origins or destinations, tight time frames, unusual cargo or urgent emergencies, we will find the most suitable charter transport.
Emergency coverage

Special air freight services

In case of an emergency, our employees are available around the clock for immediate response. Our emergency shipment team handles the end-to-end transportation of spare parts by air freight, including customs management.

Aircraft on ground
The aircraft is not airworthy for technical reasons? In a case of Aircraft On Ground (AOG), immediate action is required: suitable spare parts have to be delivered quickly to enable prompt repairs. Militzer & Münch is a specialist for emergency shipments and delivers parts quickly and professionally by air freight. Customers can check the current status of the shipment online at any time – including customs status and exact delivery time.

Engine failure at sea
Technical failures in vessels can also have serious consequences: passengers cannot continue their journey, and goods do not arrive on time. To ensure prompt repair, rapid response is crucial. Militzer & Münch’s special air freight services also include Ship Spare Logistics. In case of technical breakdowns, the required spare parts are delivered by air to the ship’s next destination.

The current status of the delivery can be monitored online at any time.

Urgent shipment?

When time is short

For urgent deliveries, we are at your disposal with our comprehensive express air freight services. Whether for temperature sensitive or fragile goods, air freight is the safest and fastest transport solution on both the medium and the long haul.

We handle every detail of your transport. Our express airfreight team will find the best flight route, ensure proper handling of the goods and, of course, take care of the customs management.

Efficient and economic

Air freight groupage shipments

For part loads and non-time-critical shipments, Militzer & Münch offers cost-efficient air freight groupage services. Our experts at the world’s airfreight hubs consolidate the goods and arrange airfreight groupage transports. We also provide additional services such as the necessary customs management. Our modern IT systems for shipment tracking plus regular departure times ensure the transparency and planning reliability of your supply chain.
Road transport
From system forwarding to groupage, partial, and full loads: Militzer & Münch organizes worldwide overland transports for you. We bring your goods safely and confidently to their destination in fixed standard transit times - by truck or by rail.
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For air transport, Militzer & Münch relies on a worldwide network of its own air freight offices and exclusive partner agencies. Complex hazardous goods transports, express and courier services, and the complete handling of particularly urgent shipments are part of our core competence in air freight.
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Sea freight
Long before the container revolutionized the worldwide exchange of goods, Militzer & Münch was at home on the world's oceans as sea freight agent for major shipping companies.
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Rail transport
Are you looking for a fast and yet cost-effective connection? Benefit from our FCL and LCL services by rail to and from China. With locations in all countries along the new Silk Road, we are perfectly positioned.
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All-round service from A to Z: We take care of the logistics for your projects, from route planning and packaging to customs clearance and on-time delivery.
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Value-Added Services
Quality controls, customizing, strategic consulting - Militzer & Münch offers customers tailor-made value-added services that perfectly complement the transport of goods.
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