Militzer & Münch Turkmenistan Ltd. offers its customers comprehensive transport logistics services in the fields of road, air, sea, and project transports – and, as an additional service, crane rental.

In the year 2008, the Turkmenistan country unit launched the service with two cranes, and in 2015, two more were added. There is demand for the special technology, especially from internationally active energy companies, such as Eni or Dragon Oil. “The oil and gas industry is an important sector in Turkmenistan, and we are seeing high demand here. But customers from the construction industry also make use of our service”, reports Djeyhun Hummedov, Managing Director of M&M Militzer & Münch Turkmenistan Ltd.

In the context of oil drilling operations, for example most recently in the Caspian Sea, the cranes are used onshore to move the platforms between job sites. On the offshore platforms themselves, the cranes transport cargo. A crane can lift up to 75 tons.

The offshore operations also present challenges: “The very high salinity can lead to corrosion on the metal parts of the cranes,” says Djeyhun Hummedov. “Regular inspection and maintenance are therefore essential to ensure that the cranes function properly.” The crane operators employed specifically for crane rental at Militzer & Münch Turkmenistan have a special permit to work on the platforms and are regularly trained in occupational safety.

Djeyhun Hummedov: “Customers who rent our cranes not only get modern technology, but also qualified personnel and full service –  from erecting and dismantling the platforms to prompt repair and spare parts delivery.”

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