Despite the fraught economic and geopolitical situation in 2022, the Militzer & Münch country in Turkey was able to close the year successfully – and the company has ambitious plans for the future.

In 2022, the Militzer & Münch team in Turkey demonstrated that difficult times also offer opportunities. The country unit had to cope with challenges such as the aftermath of the Corona pandemic, increased freight costs, and supply chain bottlenecks. Added to these were the negative development of the Turkish economy, which led to major trade imbalances, and the situation in Ukraine.

Yet the team took the right measures in time. “Thanks to our strong position in Turkey, it was easy for us to adapt to the requirements, thus turning disadvantages into opportunities,” says Ender Atat, Deputy Managing Director at Militzer & Münch Turkey. Alex Sandalcidis, Deputy Managing Director at Militzer & Münch Turkey, adds: “We defined new strategies and introduced new structures on different routes and with different transport modes so that we were able to still meet customer requirements

Militzer & Münch Turkey transports a variety of commodities, including textiles, automotive products, industrial goods, oil and gas equipment, and chemical products. Road haulage accounts for the largest percentage among the transport modes – but sea and air transports are also developing well. Thus, a few months ago, the team restructured the sea freight department in Istanbul in response to increasing requests from customers and partners. Combining carriers is becoming increasingly important, and the staff’s expertise in intermodal and multimodal solutions offers significant benefits to customers.

“Logistics is a people business, and that’s why we have started to invest more in people,” says Cem Ulusoy, Managing Director at Militzer & Münch Turkey. “Our plans for the future include personnel expansion, the reinforcement of our sales and marketing departments, more investment in overseas sales activities, and further steps to strengthen our role in intermodal and multimodal transports.

” Plans are also in place to further expand the project logistics segment and to cooperate even more intensively with the Militzer & Münch Group and overseas agents as well as with partners in those countries where Militzer & Münch is not represented.

The company will also continue investing in digitalization and, in 2023, launch a new IT-based system that will offer more transparency in planning future projects.

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