Earthquake, pandemic, inflation – in the year 2023, the people in Turkey have to cope with severe catastrophes and challenges that seem almost insurmountable. But economic uncertainties and global turbulences are by no means new to the employees of Militzer & Münch’s Turkish subsidiary – and they know how to deal with them.

In February of this year, parts of Turkey and Syria were struck by a devastating earthquake. More than 56,000 people died, many more were injured, lost family members, lost their belongings – the disaster traumatized the people of Turkey.

Help for the victims

In response to the destruction and distress, the Turkish International Freight Forwarders Association, UTIKAD, sent relief goods to the earthquake region – and the Militzer & Münch team assisted. “In this humanitarian effort, we coordinated the transport of urgently needed relief goods carried in twelve trucks plus a complete train of 32 wagons”, says Cem Ulusoy, Managing Director Militzer & Münch Turkey. “In addition, together with the Militzer & Münch branch office in Basel, we donated 5,000 euros to “AHBAP”, a Turkish relief organization.”

The Turkish economy has been severely affected by the natural disaster, too. About 35 percent of the country’s industry are located in the areas affected by the earthquake. Add to this the consequences of the pandemic and global inflation… Militzer & Münch Turkey is suffering from these conditions, too. But the team has learned to operate in an environment characterized by uncertainties, and to carry out business successfully.

Steady development

The Turkish Militzer & Münch subsidiary was founded in 1996. “At that time, we had only seven employees and a single branch in Izmir, run by one person,” says Cem Ulusoy. After the new management of Militzer & Münch Turkey started working in January 2012, the Turkish country unit began to grow. “Today, we employ almost 60 people and, in addition to the Istanbul headquarters, we operate three branches, in Izmir, Mersin, and Bursa, as well as a warehouse in Hadımköy and an office at Istanbul Airport.”

Militzer & Münch Turkey specializes in the transport of industrial goods and is among the market leaders in project transports. Despite the uncertainties and challenges, the team has successfully defended its position in the industry. Road transportation is most in demand among customers, followed by air and sea freight, segments that are also of great importance. The company’s main customers come from the textile, machinery, chemicals, and construction materials industries.

“We have given proof that we are capable of operating successfully not only in times of uncertainty, but also of fulfilling our social responsibility in times of crisis,” says Cem Ulusoy. “An important next step for us will be to invest in a warehouse to provide even better services to our customers and meet the ever-growing demands.”

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