On 1st October, the Militzer & Münch Turkey team moved to a new office and a new warehouse in Istanbul. The location, optimally situated in vicinity of Istanbul’s Muratbey customs office, lends itself for cross docking and also allows a wide range of logistics services; it also simplifies overland transports between Europe and Turkey.

Militzer & Münch Turkey has been operating the new warehouse and office at Hadımköy, Istanbul, since October 1st, 2018. From this location, the team offers mainly road transports going to Europe, but also to other destinations such as the Balkans and CIS countries.

Despite the economic situation of the country, Militzer & Münch Turkey managed to develop successfully. “We succeeded in winning new customers and increasing our turnover; and in the past months, we were able to dedicate more time to such services as intermodal solutions”, says Cem Ulusoy, Managing Director of Militzer & Münch Turkey. The future looks very bright to the Turkish M&M organization. “Increasing our market share, developing our transports volumes, and also concentrating on combined traffics and the project business still are and remain our targets.”

At a total area of 5,700 square meters, of which 350 square meters office space, the facility has more capacity than the former warehouse and also provides the possibility to offer additional logistic services. “3,000 square meters of the facility alone are dedicated for bonded storage”, says Cem Ulusoy. “Other sectors we use for cross docking for export shipments and as storage and distribution center for domestic goods.”

The sales team at Militzer & Münch Turkey profits from the facility’s optimal situation in Istanbul. “The new location is near the Muratbey customs office, which seals all export trucks. Moreover, many big corporations with import and export business are domiciled around us within a 20-kilometer radius”, Cem Ulusoy says. “The close proximity lets us reach existing customers and potential new ones much better.”

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