Smooth processes and wide geographic coverage are decisive factors for the success of an international logistics services provider. Militzer & Münch Morocco’s AEO certification helps the company to further strengthen its market position – also to the benefit of the customers.

Continuous development is part of everyday business for the Moroccan organization of Militzer & Münch; the logistics company under Managing Director Olivier Antoniotti keeps expanding at regular intervals. Among the expansions are the opening of the country’s first bonded customs warehouse in 2000, the founding of subsidiary Spedimex in 2001, and the construction of new locations in Casablanca (2003), Tangiers (2008 and 2016) and Sapino Nouaceur (2012).

Improving The Supply Chain

The foundation of this growth is the smooth supply chain, which is continuously optimized by Militzer & Münch Morocco. Since May for instance, the company has been acting as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO, Full certificate) – which means the company was granted AEO status in Morocco. ‘Authorized Economic Operator’ is an internationally recognized certificate that simplifies customs processes and guarantees appropriate safety and security standards along the supply chain.

Headed by Olivier Antoniotti and his deputy Ahmed Zouhair, the Militzer & Münch Morocco team worked for two years to upgrade the organization to the requirements of AEO Full certificate standards. In order to receive the full certificate of Security and Safety (AEO S), the company had to meet all applicable customs and tax regulations and provide appropriate security measures and proper accounting. It was well worth the effort, and in May, Olivier Antoniotti signed the contract.

“The AEO status allows us to speed up international goods transports”, says Olivier Antoniotti. “That way, we can offer our customers simplified and more efficient transport services. We are especially proud to be the first company to have been granted AEO Full certificate status in Morocco.”

As a next step, the company is working on a full EDI connection (Electronic Data Interchange) with the Moroccan customs. This data interchange allows paperless transfer of customs declaration delivery notes and other business documents from system to system without manual intervention. As a result, processes run even faster and more effectively.


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