Whether capacities, energy prices or personnel costs: for the airfreight industry, the Corona pandemic was not without consequences. At present, it is still virtually impossible to make any long-term plans. In times of uncertainty, however, there are also some constants – like Frankfurt Airport, which has maintained its strong position as a major cargo hub in Central Europe for many companies. Including for Militzer & Münch.


M&M air sea cargo GmbH has an office directly at Cargo City South, Frankfurt Airport, where 15 employees work to serve customers; and the service goes far beyond standard freight: the team primarily handles dangerous goods shipments, valuable cargo and GDP (Good Distribution Practice) compliant transports for pharmaceuticals, which are subject to specific requirements, for instance with regard to refrigeration.

Santino Hormuth has been working in the logistics industry for 15 years and has been managing the branch of M&M air sea cargo GmbH at Frankfurt Airport for just over a year. Transports according to GDP guidelines have characterized his work from the very beginning, as immediately after he joined the company, certifications in the GDP area were already taking place. “That was rather challenging for me – after all, I was familiarizing myself with the internal structures, the work processes, and my colleagues at the same time,” he recounts. “Not least thanks to the excellent cooperation on the team, we passed the certifications successfully and have since been working on boosting GDP transports as a product in our portfolio and expanding our customer base in this area.”

Special, in many ways

In 2021, the air freight volume at Frankfurt Airport was around 2.3 million tons, the highest amount of cargo handled at any German airport. Europe-wide, Frankfurt Airport is one of the ten largest airports.

Santino Hormuth appreciates his workplace and is aware of its importance: “Frankfurt Airport is a magnet for companies, an important location for science and education, and one of the biggest workplaces in Germany. It is also the Lufthansa home base and the leading cargo hub in Europe. This gives the airport a very special position also for Militzer & Münch,” he explains. “Moreover, our location directly at the airport is definitely of competitive advantage for us: we are virtually in the middle of the action, and can act fast.”

Speed is the order of the day

Speed plays a crucial role in the handling of air freight projects. In most cases, orders are urgent and need to be handled efficiently and swiftly. In this respect, Militzer & Münch benefits from its decades of experience and presence on the market, as well as from well-practiced teams. This allows for short decision-making paths with a minimum of bureaucracy – and that way, even particularly urgent transports become routine tasks. Santino Hormuth’s team regularly handles just-in-time shipments for automotive suppliers, transports engines and other parts for the air freight industry, and was recently responsible for the transport of equipment for the World Cup in Qatar from Frankfurt to Doha.

Santino Hormuth’s goal for 2023 is to further increase Militzer & Münch’s freight volume at Frankfurt Airport, the number of key accounts, and of existing customers. To this end, among other things, there are plans to restructure the sales department.

“We are still facing tense times. But in my year so far with Militzer & Münch, I have experienced how informal and at the same time professional the cooperation is here at the Frankfurt site and across all branches. Therefore, I am sure that we will successfully master this phase.”

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