Despite the corona crisis, the Swiss Militzer & Münch unit was able to achieve a number of successes. Among other things, the team signed a three-year contract with a major manufacturer of rolling stock. Militzer & Münch is in charge of transporting the manufacturer’s products to Poland.

In the past few months, Militzer & Münch Switzerland has strategically repositioned itself and defined additional business areas. As a result, order volume and sales have increased, which allowed the company to take on new employees and open a new location. The new office at Muttenz near Basel, operated by a staff of 16, offers sufficient space for further growth.

“The new business areas are the Middle East, Central Asia and the Caucasus, the Maghreb and the region of Central Eastern, South-Eastern and Eastern Europe,” says Nikolaus Kohler, Regional Managing Director Middle East / Central Asia, Business Development Switzerland, M&M Militzer & Münch International Holding AG. “Especially in the Maghreb and in Central Eastern, South-Eastern and Eastern Europe, we have vastly increased our business volume. The decisive factor for this success: our team has a wealth of expertise, and each individual colleague assumes a great deal of responsibility. Moreover, the long-term partnerships we maintain with our sister companies in our target markets set us apart from the competition.”

These features convinced a big rolling stock manufacturer, who immediately commissioned the Militzer & Münch team in Switzerland with a transport project to Poland for a period of three years. The transport of the automotive parts started in May. “Further contracts have already been signed,” says Nikolaus Kohler. “We are to transport products for one of the leading Swiss retailers from this region. For another customer, we take care of the distribution of seeds and pesticides. Word has obviously got around in the shipping and loading industry in Switzerland that we are a specialist for customer-oriented solutions and niche markets – which makes the team and me very proud.”

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