Militzer & Münch Poland acquired a renowned new key account last year: the US American sawmill manufacturer Wood Mizer. Many of the customer’s machines weigh up to a ton and are considered dangerous goods. Dariusz Onisk, Key Account Manager at M&M air sea cargo S.A., and his colleagues organize airfreight shipments, among others to South Africa and the USA.

Over 25 years ago, Wood Mizer established a production plant at Kolo in central Poland. The saw mills of the company that was founded in 1990 are in use in over 100 countries. “In spring 2018, Wood Mizer contracted us for the first export shipments”, says Dariusz Onisk. “Since then, we have transported saw mills and other equipment via air to the USA, to Sri Lanka, South Africa and India among others. For LCL shipments with destinations in Africa and China, we occasionally offer our customer also sea freight solutions.”

Dangerous goods challenges

Wood Mizer’s saw mills and other timber processing machines weigh between 200 and 1,000 kilograms on average. Many also come with a combustion motor and are thus subject to the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR). “Every shipment is unique, and the challenges we as forwarders are confronted with vary from shipment to shipment” says Dariusz Onisk. “Transporting DGR goods is especially demanding. Depending on the size and weight, we load the big saw mills into special wooden boxes or strap them onto pallets.”

In late 2018, the Militzer & Münch Poland team transported an especially heavy shipment to the USA in the shortest time. “The saw mill was to reach the consignee in Indianapolis as fast as possible. We packed it in a 4.2 x 1.5 x 1.3 meter wooden box. The gross weight was almost 1.5 tons”, Dariusz Onisk says. “In cooperation with Wood Mizer and the airline in question, we met all security and safety requirements and got the cargo to its destination safely and on time.”

Good cooperation generates trust 

For every transport, the Militzer & Münch Poland team is in close contact with Wood Mizer. The saw mill manufacturer is kept informed during the entire process. “It is important to be fully responsive to the customer’s requirements during preparation and execution of the transport”, says Dariusz Onisk. “By now, I am perfectly familiar with the habits and needs of Wood Mizer. My team and I, we can offer the customer very individualized service.” The next destinations have long been defined. “Today, we pick up a saw mill in Poland for transport to Taipeh.”

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