The Militzer & Münch Group has established two new country units in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as in Montenegro. With their focus on logistics services and road transports, the newly founded companies reinforce the Militzer & Münch network in the Balkan region.

In late August, the two Militzer & Münch subsidiaries in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Montenegro started operations. They are located in the capitals of the two countries – in Sarajevo and Podgorica. “Many of the customers we work with in Serbia are also active in the other markets in the region; for the most part, these customers come from the fashion and textiles, automotive and chemical sectors. Therefore, the two new country units will mainly transport goods for companies from these industries”, says Nikola Vasiljevic, Managing Director of the two country units and Executive Director at Militzer & Münch Serbia. The new companies offer the full range of the Militzer & Münch services. A special focus is on organizing FTL and LTL road transports, as well as on customs clearance.

In the Balkan region, Militzer & Münch also has units in Greece, Bulgaria, and Romania, where the group already offers comprehensive logistics services. “We founded the new country organizations at a time when other companies were rather reluctant to do so,” says Alexei Kovalenko, Chief Financial Officer TransInvest and Militzer & Münch, and Speaker of the Militzer & Münch Group Management. “This step gives good proof of the initiative, energy and entrepreneurial spirit of our colleagues at Militzer & Münch Serbia.”

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