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Attracting – Militzer & Münch as 4PL provider

Greece. Militzer & Münch Greece has added 4PL to its portfolio. The first big contract comes from a US fashion label. From the US, the goods reach Denmark by sea freight container. They are temporarily stored by a forwarder with a big Europe-wide network selected by M&M Greece. The Danish location is the hub for the distribution of the goods across Europe. Militzer & Münch Greece is closely connected to the Danish partner, has an eye on all orders received in Denmark at all times. Some transports are handled by the Danish partner; others are executed by Militzer & Münch organizations or third parties. “We can offer the customer the optimal solution for each country – within the Militzer & Münch Group, but also externally”, says Efi Moucha (Commercial Director - Militzer & Münch Greece).