Stuttgart/Belgrade, October 5, 2023 – In a close collaboration, M&M Germany and M&M Serbia are launching a new joint groupage line. Shipments will be collected at the German M&M Road HUB Stuttgart and will be picked up twice a week by M&M Serbia as per schedule.

In Serbia, Militzer & Münch has an excellent infrastructure, including its own fleet, impressive 36,000 square meters of warehouse space, and dedicated customs agencies for swift and seamless customs clearance. This enables comprehensive distribution within Serbia.

Furthermore, the M&M HUB in Belgrade serves as a central hub for onward transport to the neighboring countries of Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina, providing customers with additional flexibility.

One of the features of this new groupage line is the guarantee of short transit times and a 24-hour distribution service within Serbia. This means that customers will receive their goods even faster and can flexibly adapt to changes in their supply chain needs.

For further information, please visit here:

We look forward to assisting our customers in optimizing their logistics processes and enhancing the efficiency of their supply chains.

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