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Sustainable Energy for Iran

In the Iranian province of Hamadan, two solar farms are being erected, covering an area of ten hectares each. The Militzer & Münch Group handled the multimodal transport of the components for the photovoltaic power plants from China and Germany. They are the first solar parks of this size in Iran. Their total output will be 14 megawatts. Iran plans to obtain at least five percent of its energy demand from renewable energy sources by 2020. With the Hamadan solar parks, the country gets one decisive step closer to this goal.  


Over a period of five months, Militzer & Münch delivered components from Shanghai and the German cities Kirchdorf, Wittlich, Konradsreuth and Mainz to Hamadan. The cargo of the door-to-door transports contained such items as inverters, solar cables, AC header boxes, racks and equipment such as wheel loaders. The parts were transported on 40 trucks and in 70 sea containers. The transport was prepared and planned in teamwork between the Militzer & Münch branches in Stockstadt and Eichenzell. 

In cooperation with its sister company, the Iranian PTB Group, Militzer & Münch did the customs management for the transport. The PTB Group obtained the necessary certificates and permits inside Iran. “Although the sanctions have been lifted, there are still some obstacles for transports to Iran”, says Dr. Lothar Thoma, CEO M&M Militzer & Münch International Holding AG. “For decades, the cooperation with the PTB Group allows us to operate in the country just like a local company.”