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Customer Magazine

Customer Magazine M&M COMPASS

With 2,000 employees at over 100 locations in about 30 countries we have a lot to report on. M&M COMPASS regularly informs of the latest developments in the Militzer & Münch Group. The customer magazine reports on our teams’ exciting projects, new Militzer & Münch services and current trends in the international logistics sector. M&M COMPASS is issued four times a year as a web mag in German, English, French and Russian.

The M&M COMPASS web magazine

M&M COMPASS (Archive)

M&M Compass Issue 01|2016

Current topics:

  • A strong team for Kazakhstan
  • Anniversaries in Poland and France

M&M Compass Issue 02|2015

Current topics:

  • Logistics processes: Security - a success factor
  • Focus Switzerland: A good basis for new business

M&M Compass Issue 01|2015

Current topics:

  • Strength from their own ranks
  • Road Germany: On the track to success

M&M Compass Issue 01|2014

Current topics:

  • More thrust on the proven path
  • Aiming high in Dubai
  • Russia: Competences, Consolidated

M&M Compass Issue 02|2013

Current topics:

  • Cotton Transports: On the Road for the White Gold
  • Express in Central Asia
  • Turkey: Great Expectations

M&M Compass Issue 01|2013

Current topics:

  • Tajikistan: Small Giant in Central Asia
  • 1000 trucks to Russia for Sharp
  • Gold Rush in Mongolia

M&M Compass Issue 02|2012

Current topics:

  • Uzbekistan: New Trade along Traditional Routes
  • Tunisia: More Space for New Chances
  • Change in China

M&M Compass Issue 01|2012

Current topics:

  • Air and sea freight: Militzer & Münch forges full speed ahead
  • Expanding the network in the orient
  • Germany - At the Heart of Europe: New strength

M&M Compass Issue 02|2011

Current topics:

  • Bulgaria’s Logistics Pioneers
  • Morocco: Ready to Link up with Europe
  • Young Executives: „Talent Management Programme“

M&M Compass Issue 01|2011

Current topics:

  • Cooperation with Redhead a success
  • Business Plan: new strategies
  • France - A nation with a Heart for Logistics

M&M Compass Issue 02|2010

Current topics:

  • Challenge Russia
  • Transit Country and More: Belarus

M&M Compass Issue 01|2010

Current topics:

  • Comeback of the Silk Road
  • Sustainable Logistics
  • New Communications Concept
  • Focus on: Afghanistan

M&M Compass Issue 01|2009

Current topics:

  • New Structures for Road Haulage: M&M’s New Focus
  • Heavy Lift to Kazakhstan
  • Non-stop Tracking & Tracing is Near
  • Maghreb’s Economy on Growth Course